Cape To Cape Track 2017

In September of 2017 2 couples (Brendon and Kristy Hunt, Christine and myself) headed south in the middle of the school holidays to attempt the Cape To Cape (C2C) Track in South west Western Australia. We chose to take 6 nights and do it unsupported. What made this a nice relaxed journey (other than perfect weather) was that 3 of the evenings we stayed in Caravan Parks (read: warm showers!) and 2 of those nights we ate at a local restaurant and at one of these places we returned for a big breakfast. Not only did this lighten our food load but made it a little different to what I’ve done on a hike before. Having said that I did take 4 nights to paddle this same coast and we did similar, in fact we renamed the journey “The Cake To Cake” due to the amount of coffee and cake consumed 🙂

We were expecting crowds. But were pleasantly surprised when we found ourselves predominantly alone for the first few day and only towards the later half did we share much space at campsites with others and even pass many on the trail.

We chose to walk South to North to have the wind at our back which worked most of the time, the trail is really marked North to South so once or twice we were searching for clear trail markers. the fact that DPAW had uploaded an incorrect trail GPX file to their site didn’t help, a little off track at times just added to the adventure!

Night One we stayed in at Hamlin Bay Caravan Park, not much more than a basic deli and no drinking water here. Man it felt like a long day…because it WAS! 27KM. With a 9km beach walk.

Night Two the lovely Contos Campsite in the forest.

Night Three Prevelly Caravan Park, with dinner and breaky at the local restaurant. The Margaret River was flowing, but we’d kept an eye on the Facebook page and knew we would cross no worries, not much higher than our knees.

Night Four Ellenbrook campsite. Nice wash in the little stream.

Night Five Moses Rock Campsite on the hill. I loved this site but it was running low on water in the tanks. Great sitting watching whales until after the sun set. The next morning began with a nice morning tea and coffee in Gracetown at “Gracie’s General Store”.

Night Six Yallingup Caravan Park with yummy dinner at Caves House.

Main Break Yallingup

It was nice to wander the final paved section of path and see some Spider Orchids, tourists and of course the bakery and Cafe in Dunsborough.

4 thoughts on “Cape To Cape Track 2017

  1. I was meant to have done the c2c at the same time as yourself but my friend cancelled on me and I was too scared to tackle it alone. I really hope to do it one day, such a beautiful corner of the state! Well done on completing your hike!

      1. Haha no offence taken! Sometimes I think I should be braver and not such a wimp. For me, the walking solo is not a problem, it’s just the camping at night. I would definitely be fearful to be camping totally alone. If I knew other walkers would be at camp it would be fine. Maybe one day I’ll find the courage. Cheers!

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