Micro-Adventure To Northcliffe

At the end of 2017 I decided to take the wise advice of my wife Christine and add some volunteering to my life to give it a little ‘zing’…mid-life crisis and all 🙂

So I signed up to be a member of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation and volunteered to be a maintenance guy on a section of the track between Middleton Rd and Northcliffe townsite. No shelter to care for, just trail.

Andy my son and I decided on a quick escape, call it…micro-adventure, to visit ‘our’ section of track and inspect its condition. We headed down on a Sunday afternoon, crept into the Schafer shelter as the sun was setting and had a nice night chatting in the shelter which sits in a great forest on a lake…dam, it made for some nice evening and morning snap shots.

First thing the next morning we were up and inspecting the various parts of ‘our’ section of the Bibbulmun.

They were mostly good but one section was a bit overgrown with weeds, had temporary fences erected by a local farmer and cow poo everywhere – not ideal. The only other major issue was a missing wooden handrail on a small bridge close to town. We will head back around Easter to put some signage up and pull some weeds, Northcliffe council are fixing the bridge.

Speaking of town. There is a great outdoor gallery in Northcliffe, about one kilometre of walking around noticing hidden installations in the bush – Andy and I loved the experience, we would rate it! It’s called Understory, check it out.

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