Border Ranges, Lamington and Springbrook N.P. 2018

We headed to Coolangatta and grabbed a hire car then headed inland to the Scenic Rim in January 2018. We did this ‘hiking trip’ in luxury by staying at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat. All I can say is WOW! Our bungalow was up in the canopy of the forest like a tree house, we had a spa and …well – everything we needed to relax after a day on the trail! We were celebrating 25 years of marriage…and more years of bush walking together!

The Scenic Rim is part of the Gondwana Land World Heritage Area. Wollumbin N.P. (Mt Warning) is the volcanic plug in this ancient gigantic extinct volcano. Surrounding the old rim of this volcano are the national parks of Border Ranges, Lamington, and Springbrook. In these parks we found attractions like Purling Brook and it’s stunning falls, Natural Bridge and many walk trails that are seemingly endless.

We did 2 major walks, Warrie and Coomera Circuits (around 17km each) plus a handful of other smaller walks in the region. Illingbah (?) circuit was one we were aiming for, a good challenge, but sadly it was closed due to cyclone damage. We highly recommend this area. It’s been years since my 4 days in Lamington, so it was a great reminder of why I feel in love with this part of Australia! For keen walkers, you could easy pick up one of the big Queensland “Great Walks” and pull together a very nice multi-day hike. We used this map and the All Trails App on my phone, but all the trails were marked really well, in fact we thought the trails were all in great condition for a place smashed by a cyclone last year.

Enjoy the video at the end of the post!



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