About iplod

I grew up wandering in the bush. It just seemed normal. Cubs, Scouts, Stirling Range Adventure camp, family holidays – I just seemed to find myself in the bush a lot.  I recently read a brilliant book by Richard Louv called The Last Child In The Woods, it reminded me not only of the importance of ‘going wild’ but also reminded me of why I so often feel so very alive physically, emotionally and spiritually when I engage in wild places.

I prefer to plod in these wild places rather than race through them. It is true that occasionally I go for a trail run, or when training for a big walk I might push myself hard, but mostly …iplod.

This blog, I hope, will become a collection of stories, reflections and trail notes of the journeys I have taken with friends and family. Mostly, my wife is my walking partner, it’s the best thing to be married to someone to whom you can share a passion like this with. Other people mentioned in these stories include random strangers, my kids and close friends.

I hope the stories are enjoyed.

One thought on “About iplod

  1. FANTASTIC! Well done guys, a great achievement.

    Would love to do a blog post about your trip at Our Hiking Blog with a link back to your site.

    Would you be interested in sharing a couple of paragraphs about the trip? (I can’t find a write up, just your terrific pictures!)

    I would love to share your passion with my readers as I totally agree with your sentiments!


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